What kind of models are we looking for?

Since we produce a big variety of lifestyle photos we also have a big need for various models. Models can be children, teenagers, adults, and elderly people. Besides that we work with both professional and amateur models who have never been at a photoshoot. Often we aim to capture authentic and candid lifestyle images and for that purpose it's amazing to have "real" people. Most important is that models photographs well and are smiling and outgoing.   

At the moment we are especially looking for: 

- Families or kids
- Couples
- Men
- Retired people
- People with special skills (sports, hobby, etc.)


Model applications

If you are interested in working with us please send us some pictures of yourself. It doesn't have to be professional pictures - most important is that they show how you look. And please also make sure to include pictures of you smiling. Besides that we would like to know a bit about you. 

If you have little experience in commercial / lifestyle modelling we'll first book you for a test shoot for free (however you will be given the pictures from the shoot). After completing the first test shoot you will be paid a day rate for other shoots. Day rate is depending on your experience.

Model releases

Each time we shoot models we sign a "Model Release" with the model. 

“A model release is a legal document that gives a photographer permission to use a model’s likeness to create and sell content covered by the release. It makes clear that the model will not be further compensated beyond what is agreed on at the time of the shoot. Model releases help protect the photographer, the model, the agency and the end user alike. And even if you shoot yourself, you’ll need a release. With the proper paperwork, everyone knows what to expect from each other, and should any disagreements arise later on, this document can be the deciding factor.” – iStock.com

You can see an example of a typical model release here

Where will the photographs or video be used?

Our photos are being sold to a big variety of customers. Typically we see our images being used in: Advertisements in newspapers, magazine, or other printed material, web and digital advertisements,  product packaging, catalogues, blogs, etc.